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Full Version: best HTPC FOR XBMC
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hey guys

sorry if i do this incorrectly im new to xbmc and new to forums

what im looking for is a pretty much out of box solution to run xbmc on my projector system.

i had settled on a ZOTAC ZBOX nano AD10 Plus system but then i saw a review and they said to get the version without a hard drive or ram would be better as i could but a 7200rpm drive and 4G ram and have a better system.. then after that i found this forum and now im confused ..

what im looking for is something with HDMI out to connect to my pioneer elite that does 1080p ..iam only really going to use it for icefilms as i dont have a collection yet.

i would like it to be less than or close to $300 canadian if possible final after everything

i dont mind adding the HD and ram myself

hope i havent made a fool of myself with my request ..

if someone could give maybe 3 options that i can choose from that would help
Best place to ask this kind of question is in the Hardware forum:

Also, don't say icefilms, can't talk about piracy any more, you'll get killed or something.
thanx guys ill repost it there
Welcome to the forum!

Here are more choices- The Smallest Pre-built Windows 7 HTPC .