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Full Version: Easy question - how to add folders in the xbmc?
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I wanna know how to add folders inside the xbmc, so I can load my different folders from the computer onto TV-Shows, Movies etc folders from the computer?

(I know how to load em through SMB, but I wanna know how to add folders in the xbmc menu)
In the XBMC File Manager get to where you want to make a folder then press "c" to bring up the context menu containing actions. You get to the File Mangler using the arrow keys from the main menu System tab.
But it doesn't show up in the menu where System Programs and Movies is. How do I add it so its in the main menu alongside Movies?
SkyHead Wrote:But it doesn't show up in the menu where System Programs and Movies is. How do I add it so its in the main menu alongside Movies?

You must have the Settings screen hidden. You'll have to unhide it in your skin settings. Press "s" from the main menu and you can get to the settings.
(1) I make a folder in the file manager, and add a source. I can see the name "TV Shows" and browse through files in the file manager, but it will not add itself for the main menu so that it is next to "Movies" "Programs" and "Settings".
I have gone to Skin settings and Main Menu for it, there I can Hide different folders, but non of the folders I want to add from the file manager is there - and some are even impossible to unhide. How do I go about it to get my folders from File Manager to unhide so I can add them? ( I have looked through every menu so far and found nothing, also looked in wiki without luck)

(2) I am connected to the network, but my addons(YouTube- won't find any information) so I'm assuming there is no internet.(Box was setup on a remote location where the internet worked). I go to Settings>Network>Internet Access. Do I use http proxy? What should be the Server?(And how do I find it in Windows?) Only computer is Windows

I hope you understand my problem, my xbmc is norwegian so my translation might vary abit.
What skin are you using ? Which version of XBMC? Also are the TV shows etc stored locally or over the network on another computer ?

The easiest way (as far as I'm aware) is to add the folders via the "videos" menu for them to be imported to the library and then show up on the main menu. Some skins support more content menu's on the main screen than others. For example, with the default skin, in order to add TV Shows (this is from memory but I'm sure you will work it out once pointed in the right direction):

From the main XBMC menu, go into videos --> add source (or add videos?) --> browse to a folder where your TV Shows are stored and select ok --> choose what the folder contains (TV Shows) --> select ok.

This should add TV Shows to your library and hence appear on your main menu.

Regarding your network issues, to start, go into system info then network and what are the values in there ?
(1) I'm using default skin, and version Linux 2.6.38-12-generic-pae #51 Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep ( I cant see more then this)

I have already tried that, and added the TVDB scraper but the folder is still in Videos, not in the main menu and it shows only files. (just like the videos map does - I want it to show with imdb info - but no inet connection makes that difficult - tho there are only files, not folders)

I am using Windows 7 64bit over network to add files.

I've also tried to unhide it from Skin menu, but it doesnt show up there.

IP adress :
Networkmask :
Gateway :
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :
Internet : Not connecteed. Check Network Settings

What should I write in - Server ?
Your gateway and DNS settings are set to 2 different private networks. Do you know the correct settings for your internet/router/network config ?

If your windows 7 machine is on the internet, check what it's addresses are:

Click Start, type CMD press enter, a command prompt opens. Type ipconfig /all then press enter and see what ip addresses it gives you.

If your XBMC machine is picking up it's addresses through DHCP (automatically) then there is something wrong with your setup. If you have set them addresses manually on XBMC machine it looks like you have made a mistake.
Windows IP COnfiguration:

Host name : SkyHead-PC
Primary DNS suffix : blank
Node type : Hybrid
Ip Routing Enabled : No
WINS Proxy Enabled : No

Ethernet adapter LOcal Area Connection

DHCP Enabled: No
Autoconfiguration Enabled : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Adress: fe80-81d9-f550-bc4a-ec39%12(Preferred)
IPv4 Adress :
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCPv6 IAID: 251666060
DHCPv6 Client DUID : 00-01-00-01-16-4D-EB-81-00-1E-8C-8A-C0-4C
Dns Servers :

So my IP for this computer is

How do I change it back to only one network on the xbmc box?

And how do I check if its setup by DHCP?
See this file http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-set-a-s...-ibex.html from step 2.

From the addresses you have on your XBMC Live installation it looks like you need to update your gateway to and then configure the DNS servers to and in the file /etc/resolv.conf. If these DNS server addresses are not permanent then you could be asking for trouble down the line.

Alternatively, a lot of routers allow you to use those as the DNS server (they forward your data to whatever DNS servers are internally configured), in your case this could be but I have no idea on your network setup ? It's also possible to use Google as a DNS server which are and

First try with your own DNS servers and fix the gateway and see how it goes.
Damn, forgot my password. Is there a way to find username + password?
Just knowing my username and how many keys the password is I will come a long way.

How do I save file in terminal?
Quote:Damn, forgot my password. Is there a way to find username + password?

I don't know sorry.

Quote:How do I save file in terminal?

If you are using nano in the terminal, press CTRL+X which will exit but ask you if you want to save the file first.
Might have to do a clean install again tho, where do I download the cd?
And is it difficult?

I want it to boot directly into xbmc - got a download link for that?
norms Wrote:http://xbmc.org/download/

How do I remove the previous installation?
And do I install it from the web?

Want Ubuntu xbmc ofc.

If you could be more specific about the process I'd appreciate that.
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