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Full Version: TheMovieDB.org
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Okay, I have a few questions regarding TMDB scraper, so here goes:

#1, is it normal for the scraper to lock up xbmc when refreshing or adding new stuff to your local database? I have to ctrl+alt+del my xbmc quite a bit when adding new library items because the scraper locks up.

#2, is it possible to change the way the scraper looks for movies from your local libraries? I have my movies in this format on my drives:

Movie Name(tmdb id).avi (I do it this way, because I have another custom script located on the pc that uses the (tmdb id) part of the filename) With it this way, the scraper can't find any of my movies on the tmdb website,and I have to manually edit all of them. This is quite annoying when there are hundreds of movies that need to be manually added.

#3, why does the db clear out movies? I will go through one day and update all of them, either automatically or manually, and a couple of days later, some of them are missing either their covers and need to be reupdated, or some of them aren't even indexed at all and have to be remanually added.

Any ideas?