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Full Version: The MovieDB scraper not getting titles
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olympia Wrote:This is because no release data has entered for those titles and the scraper is expecting release date currently.

I will look into this, but you can solve this issue by registering the release dates on TMDb.

I did wonder about that, however i set it to released (rather than blank) and saw no change and just thought maybe its best to just leave it alone and wait for a fix or some understanding of what the problem is as it may well have been my system and not the title.

Thanks for clearing that up.
Fixed in TMDb version 3.0.8.

(not sure though why release date is not mandatory on themoviedb.org when someone add a new movie though)
If I supply a movie.nfo including an IMDB url the scraper always gets the original title. After deleting the movie.nfo it scrapes the correct german title.

Directory: "8 Blickwinkel"
Content of movie.nfo: "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0443274"
Preferred language: "de"

Title w/ .nfo: "Vantage Point"
Title w/o .nfo: "8 Blickwinkel"

Looks like keep original title is ignored?!
Plot and so on is german w/ or w/o .nfo.
I think i found the bug:

01:26:59 T:2811251568   DEBUG: scraper: NfoUrl returned <details><url>http://api.themoviedb.org/3/movie/tt0443274?api_key=57983e31fb435df4df77afb854740ea9&de</url><id>tt0443274</id></details>

The URL parameter name "language" is missing. Only the value is passed along. Fix it in <NfoUrl>!
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