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Full Version: Another Movie Sets Question
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Ok so this is odd.

I just added all of the James Bond Films to XBMC.

And it decided to group two of them in to a set. I checked the NFO and there is nothing showing for a set. I just want them all in the same place. I had the sort title set to 00701 00702 etc so they were showing in order. Is there any quick way to pull them out of the set or to add all of the other ones into it with out manually editing each NFO file.

I am running a Mac so I am having to use ViMedia Manager instead of EMM.

Vi doesn't have an option in its MetaData to do a grouping so I am stumped as to why this suddenly happened.

Second thing while Im on the NFOs behaving oddly...some of my movies are not displaying the posters I have for them...and they were all downloaded using the same VI.
For the movie sets since you all ready have the .nfo file just add
<set>Set Name Here</set>
to the move .nfo files you want in the sets.
My real question is why would it grab a couple of films and put them in sets when there is no tag in the NFO for <set> </set> Those tags don't even appear in all the NFOs
Sounds like it didn't read the nfo (possibly due to it not finding it) and instead scraped 'em. tmdb v3 API (scraper of which was released a couple days back) supports retrieving set information.

Simply refresh (from movie info) and see if it prompts you that there's local nfo there - if not, you have your answer. Find out why it doesn't find the .nfo file is the next step.

I have checked and all of the said movies have NFOs. What would cause XBMC not to see/use these?
Also, in b2 it will scrape the set in addition to the .nfo if it's a mixed .nfo.

Again, refresh a movie with the issue and see if it prompts you about the local information.