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Full Version: Xperience MXE
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Image Download Here: http://sdrv.ms/Snze0D
test version here: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=40...6169E2!868
Skin Name: xperienceMXE

Project: a personal project intended for me only im just sharing
my work with people who are interested. i'm fed up with
the real xbox now because everything cost by making
this ui with xbmc you basicly have a xbox 360 with free
content addons free of charge.
............it's the truth.
I have a feeling something is missing here..
binBD Wrote:first of all i could care less what you think your question is pure irrelevance for
if you would've read my first tread about my fisrt mod of his skin you would already know my motive & you wouldnt
be wasting you time criticising me with such ignorant questionsNerdNod

find out your [email protected]$#LF

That WAS a worthless waste of time comment. I figure, if it's different...to your taste, and you want to share...it's a mod.

What a retard.
bluedevil229 Wrote:That WAS a worthless waste of time comment. I figure, if it's different...to your taste, and you want to share...it's a mod.

What a retard.

Provide some more information then instead of "this a mod" and some screenshots
What did you change and so on.....
Can't expect people to go searching for your first thread.

and that "retard" is a rather skilled skinner/mod himself so whatch you language Stare
I expect this mod, given the name, to be a mod that share even more similarities with the xbox 360 dashboard. It looks unfinished, and more details would be nice, so I'll hold my judgement.

Although the flaming in the response to butchabay was unnecessary, butchabays comment was degrading, sarcastic and uncalled for in the first place - I don't see how the fact he's a skilled skinner has an influence on that? Just don't comment if you don't have any constructive criticism...
I will agree with Jaypeg here...

binBD, I would encourage that for future updates or posts you to provide a little more details as to what your work entails, whilst the screenshots are nice, there isn't enough information to completely understand what you're trying to get across.

It also appears as if your primary language may not be English (I could be wrong), I would encourage you to write your thoughts in your language and use Google translate to, hopefully, articulate the subject matter a bit better.

For those whom may be excellent skinners, remember this, at one point or another you, too, were a beginner and perhaps took you a while to get the hang of things. I know it has been time consuming for me to learn and I'm still learning.

It is also good practice NOT to be rude and condescending when you have questions. As someone previously mentioned it, if you don't like it, keep it to yourself and be concerned with your own excellent and flawless work.

I think anyone who builds skins and mods do it because it's something that they want to do as they find it fun and would like to share their work with others in the hopes that others may find it useful, if you don't, so be it and leave it alone.

If you have constructive criticism, then by all means, do share it but i encourage you to be polite as there's nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, i just logged in to encourage politeness and not condescension towards other’s less than perfect work; It can be very discouraging!

Good luck with your project binBD!
1. Thread starts with MOD
Where is it ? If it's a work in progress just call it WIP
2. Some infos would be helpful in general.
3. Just looking at the screenshots we should know what's different?

My excuses ... So everyone here is seeing nice screenshots wihout squished textures?
still the same skin with all it good features just that i want it to look just like the xbox360 thats it

my bad if my interpretation was wrong my bad peepsCool
Poster view replaced with the search's poster view
in:advanced launcher library, Movies and tv shows.

well ,hum,hum,after all that I'll just come back to the subject!
I don't know anything in skinning so...Blush
If I understand correclty it's for xbox...is there a eden version of your mod coming out?
the search view is really nice it's something I 'd like to have on the 1080 black skin...
keep on the good work everyone!

cheers everyone!
actually its for pc but im sure it should run on xbox but what ever the original skin can do this one can as well the only thing diffirent is the interface as far as eden goes,i belive this is the eden version.
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