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Full Version: [REQUEST] Google Music
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Hi there,

I'm a regular user of Google Music.
It scans my total music library on the PC, I can than play it on my notebook and my phone.

Sadly I didn't find an add-on for XBMC.

Could one of you coders make an add-on so we can use Google Music on XBMC (just playing it, uploading is not needed)?

It would make me, and I think a lot of others, really happy!

Thanks in advance.

ps. see music.google.com if you don't know what it is.
It's been requested for multiple platforms. Unfortunately, there is no API as of yet for Google Music. Without a working API, programmers can not write a plugin to access google music directly.
+1 Really love to see this.
I'll throw in my support too. This is my most wanted plugin at the moment (aside from Netflix).
interesting !
+1, would be great!
+1, looks like maybe something is being done? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=124822
(2012-04-11, 00:40)muertecaza Wrote: [ -> ]+1, looks like maybe something is being done? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=124822


I've been using Google Music a lot lately since I found there were a few tracks that weren't available on Grooveshark. Plus I realized Grooveshark could be shut down at any time if megaupload could be shut down.

I check this topic and the other one from time to time hoping for an update, aside from Pandora this is the only other music addon I need for xbmc.
yes this would be awesome to have. Hope someone can make this addon.

I've been trying to build this addon over the last couple of days and today I've decided to release an alpha version in order to get some early feedback.

Unfortunately it's too early to try and submit it to the official repositories yet so it will be a little more complicated for you to test it out so here's the github repository together with the installation instructions: googlemusic-xbmc

Also, as I've said, this is a very early release and it's also my first Python project so don't get your hopes too high about it.

Please keep in mind that this plugin is using the Unofficial-Google-Music-Api so use this addon at your own risk.

For submitting bugs please use the github issue tracker. For any other questions and support I'll be happy to reply here.

Excellent -- thank you for your work on this -- I look forward to trying it out later today.
can't wait
Well it works! And I appreciate that. Installed the Unofficial Google Music API and then cloned your git. Then spent upwards of an hour as my 7k+ library was loaded by your app. Then played a few songs to test out the performance. Loaded my GMusic library, check. Played and queued up songs, check. Provided any search method or listing by artists, nope. Held onto my song data after leaving the app, no. Gathered any meta-data, nope.

So basically what I feel needs to be added to this app is the ability to list by artists, the ability to not have to load my entire 7k+ library every time I enter the app, the ability to search songs, and meta-data would be nice!

This app is really only usable on a semi-regular basis if you set up playlists in Google Music and only plan on using them. Right now loading up the actual music library is daunting, and very hard to navigate.

Oh btw, I am on an Acer Revo, running Lubuntu with XBMC etc (not xbmcbuntu mind you) in case it helps you. Looking forward to what will be my favorite app once it gets polished up! As a bonus feature, if you could add integration with your XBMC music library, including meta, I would jizz my pants. I am pretty sure it can be done, considering all the mumbo-jumbo video streaming apps which feature it despite their websites/services being anything but made to support it.
Thanks for the great feedback. I am aware about most of the issues you've mentioned and I'm planning to first fix the song data reload problem in the next couple of days (and possibly add some basic search capabilities as well).
After that I'll try to take your other suggestions into consideration for the next releases.

Right now I'm also working on making the installation process much easier for everyone.

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