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Full Version: MovieDB v3.0.1 & v3.0.2 producing duplicates
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Hi I am using tsp's PVR Mythtv Branch with the reFocus skin on Maverick with a mysql shared database hosted on a qnap nas.

I have some movies sorted into sets (for example a Stanley Kubrick Movie collection) by use of an nfo, that contains only movie title, set title, sort title and moviedb link. Prior to 3.0.1 (I was using 2.0.1) this works as expected. Since I updated to 3.0.1 (and then 3.0.2 to see if it solves the problem), then I get two entries for each new movie that has an nfo and is part of a set. Movies that do not have nfo's still scrape just fine. Rolling back to 2.0.1 solves the problem, so it's something introduced after 2.0.1 that is the cause.

If I go to play one entry for say 5 minutes and stop, then the second entry will have the same resume time. So they are in some sense linked. If I delete one duplicate, then both duplicates disappear. In the movie information tab, both duplicates point to the same physical file. Initially I wondered if the scraper might be accidentally scraping the nfo, but this appears not to be the case.

This should prove quite easy to re-produce, but if you can't I'll update back to 3.0.2 and produce a log for you. I think it may be the fact that the scraper now has the capacity to scrape for sets itself and this is throwing a spanner into the works with custom sets......


PS I have confirmed this duplicate entry bug with 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & Kill Bill Vol. 2 (although I don't know if it's related to those specific movies). And just to confirm that they all scrape fine without an nfo with v3.0.1 and they all scrape fine with an nfo with v2.0.1