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Full Version: XBMC for android having troubles connecting to network.
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I know XBMC for android is still in development, but I haven't been able to connect to my network from my android. I've got the app on my phone and computer. I've followed the guide on the wiki site and everything works to the point that the server is up on my computer, but not on my android.

I try using the IP address that the ipconfig gives me from the CMD for my IPv4 address. I type it into xbmc on the android and it can't connect. There is line code on the wiki site that will show if you can connect to it from your android in the web browser, but it just times out, unlike my computer which shows the server being up. Is anybody else having any trouble like this? I've also heard that a static IP address might fix this issue, but I don't want to lose security of my network.

Any suggestions? I've tried UpnPlay as well, but it freezes on me all the time when I try to connect.
As far as I know, no one has actually compiled a working copy of XBMC for Android yet. Are you just trying to use XBMC on your desktop as a UPnP server to an Android player?
I had a similar problem and it was my firewall. I was using Nod32 firewall and it wont connect unless it was disabled. Not sure if this fixes your exact problem, but thought I would share. The moment I disabled my android remote connected without any problems.