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Full Version: Complete Noob, advice and questions
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I was looking at xbmc recently to watch web content like icefilms ect...I also want something to play music 2ch flac and bitstreams and displays folder.jpg art.

I dont want to stream anything really off my hard drive, i am a dune owner and stream blu-rays and hd content to it.

Im torn whether to just get an appletv2 for simplicity, or buy a cheap zotac htpc.

I have a few questions if anyone can answer, and feel free as to offer suggestions on which direction i should go, zotac or apple tv. I have read quite a bit but still have questions. I dont want to spend much on this.

1. If i go zotac can i run xbmc as a operating system off usb? I dont want to add windows or anything.

2. Stuttering of icefilms type content is a huge concern, i am using a wired connection 25 down 3 up, i dont share my connection with anyone, but this is where im curious about hardware limits.

3. Remote control usability, if i go zotac or anything, can the xbmc app in the android marketplace control it just over wifi?

4.Upnp does xbmc have this? Could I use my android to actually see content on xbmc from my android? For instance if i set up a music share, can i use the android app to view and play my music?

Thats about it, i would go the zotac route for more flexibility, but ease of use concerns me, mainly with a remote.
Also if it helps I was looking at the zotac ZBOX ND22.

I am thinking/hoping apple tv with crystal hd chip, would work fine for 720p.

Im not to sure how much 1080p content there is available for web streaming.

Any hd content i keep my dune takes care of off my home server.
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1> Yes

2> Depends

3> Not sure

4> Yes
Jetster Wrote:3> Not sure

If you mean the "Official XBMC Remote" app then yes it will control XBMC on anything. Note however that this is just a remote control app. It doesn't play back media on the phone/tablet.

I've never tried playing stuff from XBMC with uPnP, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work. I assume the media player(s) included with Android can play from uPnP sources.

Thanks for your help.

If possible can i switch this thread a bit to will this work.

I cant find the zoatec anymore.

Would this work?


or this


Anything else in the price range.

My goal is only 2.

1.Play web content at 1080p, no dts master, no true hd, i am talking about just streaming web content such as youtube, hulu ect...

2. play 2 channel flac bitstreamed to my receiver

My plan is to use a ssd card with openelec or xbmc live.

As mentioned my dune prime handles all my heavier stuff such as blu-ray hd content stored on my server.

I also have a server already so i dont need storage.

If anyone can help me on this it would be greatly appreciated if the above would work.
XBMC will run on virtually anything that has a capable graphics chipset. Both of the PCs you mention should be fine.