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Full Version: [ATV2] different scraper than link in nfo file
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Hi All,

I used XBMC on my good old X-BOX for many years until I "upgraded" to Apple TV 2 recently. As a german user I liked the OFDB.de Scraper best. As I encountered problems though with scanning by folder name (I have all my movies in separate folders with a folder.jpg and movie.nfo) I started using the movie.nfo file containing a direct link to ofdb.de which gave me the exact result when scanning.

In the new Version Eden Beta which I now installed I found that there is also a Filmstarts.de Scraper which I think I would like even better than ofdb. As I have all these movie.nfo files with links pointing to ofdb.de now, what would happen if I ran the Filmstarts.de Scraper over my movies?

Thanks for your help!
It will perform a Filmstarts.de title lookup in case the OFDb scraper is not installed.

EDIT: Btw, you should switch to imdb urls in .nfo files and use the themoviedb (tmdb) scraper with language set to german.
Hi vdrfan,

thanks for your quick reply! Could you be so kind and explain to me, why you suggest the combination of imdb nfo's (from the german site?) and themoviedb scraper? What will this setting do when scanning?

Sorry for all those questions, but I could not find any information of different combinations of nfo files and scrapers in the wiki. I just want to understand how the scraper works and how it is affected by the nfo file, especially if the link points to a different site than the scraper is set to...

If I understand it right, in your setting the imdb link from the nfo would override the scraper, so why this combination?

Thanks a lot for your support!!!