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Full Version: (Dharma) MP3 Volume too loud, rest ok
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I'm wondering if there's some trick I could use in order to lower music (MP3) playback volume - which is much higher than any other media on my side.

I'm trying to set a mostly-common volume level across PS3, MP3 and movies, so to get rid of XBMC volume setting and manage everything from my amplifier volume.

Thank you for any hint
MP3 audio volume is processed by XBMC first, and then your amp. To adjust the level use + and - on your keyboard.
yeah, I know that's XBMC.
My goal is to reduce, once and for all, MP3 (and MP3 only) volume, so to have similar volume levels for MP3 and movies. So I can get rid off +/- volume keys, and make everything more wife friendly.

Is it doable somehow ?
Is there a way to reduce MP3 (music) audio output ?