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Full Version: Total TV Shows Way More Than Actual Number
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I had to delete my TV Shows and re-update the library twice. Now I see the "Total TV Shows" number 3 times the actual amount. When I click into TV Shows everything is great and only has one episode instead of 3 of the same.

This is just a minor pet peeve but was hoping there may be a quick fix?

I'm a noob.
Hopefully you've discovered settings>video>clean-up and dutifully clean up your library. If the listings are still showing after the clean-up, check the path for the TV show (Keyboard I command) and see if each listing has a different path... and getting scraped multiple times.
Thanks for the reply. Yes I have done the video clean up but to no avail. I don't think they are getting scraped 3 times because I have deleted the source and re-selected it multiple times for TV Shows. It's just on the main screen where I can select Movies or TV Shows that does this.

Here's a screenshot of the only part that's wrong:


I circled in yellow where it's messed up. It should say ~200 total instead of 698

Not sure if when I said "yes" to refresh TV Show data or whatever it asks after readding that folder messed it up. I guess I could have said no instead because the images and meta data has already been retrieved.
Minor anomaly : great skin shot Smile Perhaps when you deleted the library and re-installed XBMC didn't reset the counter on clean-up. If that's the extent of your issue (no other symptoms) hopefully you'll find out where this variable is stored. I wouldn't do a re-install just yet. Out of curiosity, if you delete a video, does the counter reflect this deletion?
Haha thank you sir.

I just tried deleting a Movie and noticed the number did not change. I have tried this with TV Shows too with the same result Sad

Weird now the TV Shows went down a ton and the Movies decreased by 1 which is good. Everything may all be good now.