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Full Version: How to turn off subtitles
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Hi Gang,
I'm new to XBMC and really jazzed about getting a complete setup. So far, I've learned how to put my DVD library onto my PC hard drive and get them into the XBMC Video Library.
One problem is that every movie has the subtitles turned on by default. I have to go the DVD menu and manually turn them off. I'm using DVDFab to rip my DVDs and it seems to work great except for this one little item. Is there a way to tell XMBC that I want subtitles off unless I turn them on?

I searched the forum, but can't find any specifics about what's up.


- a -
While watching a movie, bring up the on screen display (M on keyboard) select audio and turn off subtitles. Now select set this as default for all movies.
Thanks a million!

The first movie I tried was displaying subtitles, but when I brought up the audio menu, Enable Subtitles wasn't selected. I applied the settings there to all movies and checked another film; subtitles were on.
This time when I opened audio settings, the Enable Subtitles button was on, so I turned it off and applied to all again.

Tested three more movies and all were subtitle free.

I really appreciate your help!

- a -