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Full Version: The MovieDB scraping issue
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Today I came across a rather strange scraping issue with the TMDB scraper.

All new additions to my movies seem to get the IMDB id wrong in the .nfo. Instead of "tt#######"* the <id> element is "tttt#######"* in the .nfo file after I made XBMC export my video library. I would think this is somewhat new as all my previously scraped movies write the correct syntax, that is also why I figured it would be a scraper issue. I have also tried "overwrite old files" in the export settings to confirm it is only newly scraped movies, and all other information seems to be filled in as it should be.

* Each # resembles a number.

I am using XBMC Eden Beta 2 and The MovieDB 3.0.5 scraper.
Though it seem to happen between ver. 3.0.0 (working) and ver. 3.0.4 (have the issue), as those are the only versions that I am seeing this with, using the Rollback feature.

In the end it seems like it is not a big deal but thought I would mention it Smile

In case this is how the mechanics works I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

same Problem here, but the Quadruple t are already scraped into the Database when adding the new movies.
Using the TheMovieDB Add-On with Version 3.0.5 under Eden Beta 2.

Fixed in v3.0.7
How are those bad scraped movies gonna be fixed containing the "tttt..."?
There's no simple way of knowing which one for regular users