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Full Version: [All Platforms] Serving add-on content with upnp
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Is there a way to make xbmc act as a relay for content that it gets via an add-on? For example, using an add-on, it is possible to consume hulu content within xbmc; is it possible, somehow, to give access to that content to other upnp players on the network?

With hulu, specifically, this would allow you to watch "PC only" content on a roku or android device, which would normally be verbotin.

If it isn't possible to do this, is there a preferred way to accomplish this? some other media server, etc?
nope. Look at Play-On (costs money).
I would happily pay for PlayOn if it worked in Linux. I tried it out and it works pretty well. I can't really justify a dedicated Windows machine just to run PlayOn. If I could I'd just put Linux w/ XBMC and hook it directly to the TV.
I am having a problem accessing playon content via files and upnp using my Mac mini with Eden beta 2 installed. Here is my setup:

2011 Mac mini running lion, as noted above xbmc Eden beta 2
Parallels running win7 with playon installed
Belkin n150 router setup with pppoe and upnp enabled connected to Mac mini via Ethernet
When I go to add files in xbmc using upnp xbmc does not see playon
I'm happy to provide more information if needed - love xbmc and it has become my main htpc over plex and the now gone boxee