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Full Version: No pictures on Danish Live TV (again)
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Hello. A question from my enormous ignorance. Is not it possible to fix this problem with any order in advancesetting?
My guess is that VTB is now excluded because the h264 is one of those flavors where it reports that it "might" be interlaced and only during decode do we know and that's too late so we bail.

Not sure what to do about this, If I removed that interlace trap, then VTB can crash when passed real interlaced content, if it stays, then VTB will not be used for some h264 progressive content. Rock and hard place.
Hi davilla,
Thanks for looking into this.Is it possible to fix this in a way that allows users to play the streams? Perhaps without using VTB even if hardware acceleration is enabled in XBMC.

I believe that currently the users will get audio with a grey screen when VTB is enabled - and that the streams plays with VTB disabled.
But perhaps this is exactly the problem you talk about?


To me it seems like it's totally gone - the Danish Live TV Plugin.

It is not working on neither OpenElec Eden beta 3 or RC2.

I get appx. 1 second of sound and picture, then the picture freeze - pause is shown, but it is not possible to "play" or "unpause" if you will.

I have tried both available versions of the LiveTV plugin, on both Beta3 and RC2 on OpenElec.

I have also - for testing - tryed on my windows beta 3 - same result.

Happened since a few days ago.

Any one else see this?

I think this is unrelated to the VTB problem, it looks like DR1 changed to a different streaming server, but DR2, K and Ramasjang are still on the old one.
macsat, are you able to play DR2?
I will update the addon with the new streaming server soon..


I tried DR1 and DRHD yesterday - none worked.

I will try after work today, with the rest of the streams.

....as a Public Service station, DR should consider making an API for 3rd party apps, instead of everyone having to scrape their web pages and do reverse engineering to get access to the streams.
Will there ever be a chance to watch Danish live TV on xbmc?
Thanks Huh
(2012-04-25, 21:45)Minnie Wrote: [ -> ]Will there ever be a chance to watch Danish live TV on xbmc?
Thanks Huh

Yes - Davilla, I am sure, is seaching for a solution ...
Have a nice day
Any news on this "error"?

I am a new Apple TV 2 with JB user, and I am having a good time!

But is there any news regarding this issue?

Thanks, have a nice weekend
Allmost 12 month since Danish Live TV disappered ...
Will there be any solutions in the future, or shall we forget all about this feature?
Best regards
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