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Full Version: Update Libary Button?
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Hello all,

Once i add a new video to my library, I need to restart XBMC for it to detect and scrape it (Update Library On Startup),


Is there a button or something i can do so it will show up automatically or a button i can press so i can refresh the library on the spot without the restart?

Thanks in advance!
Context menu (eg. c on keyboard).
Where would i press that tho. If i press it directly on movies it does nothing.

Aeon MQ3 Skin btw
Should work on pretty much every item except "..".
It doesnt work directly from the main menu.
Right, as it is a context menu, you will need to enter the section.
I know its in the context menu, however, from the main menu, the context menu wont come up when hovering over the "Movies" section in Aeon MQ3. Is there a special area i need to go to perform the refresh?
jhsrennie Wrote:http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=121250


Bind it to a button on the remote. GREAT!

Thanks alot for that mate!