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Full Version: IMDB scraper crashing on Final Destination 5
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A recent addition to my movies was Final Destination 5 (2011) as a folder name with with an m4v movie file and an nfo file with the following:

<title>Final Destination 5</title>
<set>Final Destination Collection</set>
<sorttitle>Final Destination 5</sorttitle>

This is the same for other movies in the set. However XBMC 10.1 is crashing when scraping this particular movie. Removing the URL from the nfo file, allows the scan to complete, but doesn't pick up any information. Removing the nfo file completely, XBMC crashes again because the default scraper is imdb. Changing the scraper to moviedb for this folder works correctly.

Can anyone else confirm the fault?

IMDB is crashing for me as well. Each time the scraper is called, it crashes. I am going back to the TMDB scraper for now.
fixed in imdb common scraper. Will update automatically in the background if auto-update is enabled. Do a force-refresh if you are unpatient Smile
Thanks for the fix, I will update and test.