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Full Version: AAC Crashes & LockUps
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Hey everyone,

Basically anytime I run a file that has the AAC codec, XBMC crashes to the desktop immediately. I've tried several different files, ones that used to run correctly before I upgraded to the beta (I never tried beta 1 though), and they all crash XBMC to the desktop.

I've isolated it to only video files with the AAC audio container: mp4, .mov, etc. I checked audio files with that codec and they don't crash it.

[EDIT] .h246 aac also confirmed

Any ideas/anyone else having this issue? here's the log: http://pastebin.com/hFFhsDjn

If there's any other information that could help, let me know. Thanks guys.
try to install libfaad2
wsnipex Wrote:try to install libfaad2

It's already installed... I tried reinstaling it and no success.


And to clarify, I've tried opening these files outside of XBMC and they run without issue.
Turns out the culprit was VAAPI hardware acceleration. Running all AMD/ATI so I don't know how it got turned on by default... but it was crashing anytime it was being used. Hopefully this helps anyone else who has a similar issue.

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