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Full Version: TBN & NFO Show in Library
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This weekend it seemed like my scraper went through all TV Episodes again, and started displaying TBN and NFO files as episodes. Each episode of a large number of shows had 3 entries per episode. I watched it rescanning everything again, which I thought was odd.

I checked the file location of the entries, they were all pointing to the same path (via SMB), just one was the .mkv, and the other two were .nfo and .tbn

I tried to clean the library, and reboot, but that didn't fix anything.
I started to go through manually, but that was going to take A LONG time.

I ended up renaming my database on the local machine, and re setting the content, and re-scraping. It hasn't happened again. Any idea what happened, how I can avoid it, or what I can do to fix it if/when it happens again?

(if this matters...)
Win7 x64
XMBC 10.1 Aeon MQ3 Skin