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Full Version: Series not showing...
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New to XBMC, so I am probably doing something wrongSmile

I have a bunch of series in ISO files, i.e. I have disc ISOs of for instance West Wing. I created the ISOs, and have them stored in directories like this:

//My Series/The West Wing/Season 1/TW S1D01.ISO

The problem is that XBMC does not recognize the filesHuh

Funny thing is, PLEX recognizes the files, but I like XBMC betterSmile

I would probably go for this:
//My Series/The West Wing/Season 1/S01E01.ISO

Does it scan in now?

For more naming info:

Funny thing;

I tried moving one of the folders I am having problems with, over to the folder I have on my NAS for films, and voila, now the ISO files show up. So, what is going onHuh

If I have these ISO files in the folder for my series, which is the source for TV Series, then they are picked up on the scan. However, if the very same folder and files are in the folder for my films, they are picked up etc.

Is this normal behavior?

It sounds as if the movie scanner is finding them but the TV scanner is not.

To figure out what's happening you need to look at a debug log. Remove the ISOs and do a scan so everything is up to date, then enable debug logging from System settings, System, Debugging, and close XBMC. Now put the ISOs back, restart XBMC and do an update. When this has finished close XBMC again.

Your log should now contain the details of what XBMC scanned, and what the response from the web site was. If you want us to take a look post the whole log (not an extract) on http://pastebin.com/. See http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Log_File for how to find the log.


I did just that. I took out the following series:

- Borgen
- Danskere I Krig
- Heroes, but only season 3
- Planet Earth
- Roots
- Roswell
- The West Wing
- Twin Peaks

The majority of these are ISO files, and some are "video" files, i.e. with two folders, "AUDIO_TS" and "VIDEO_TS".

The Pastebin link is: http://pastebin.com/Wjrjx14L


Shows a bunch of:
Could not enumerate file

What about if you name them I like I said. Scan in after that?

Tried doing exactky that for some if the files, but it made no difference.