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Full Version: Playing 'Favorite' Videos
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I'm wondering if I have setup something up incorrectly in XBMC or if there is maybe a better way.

I've been moving some home videos on my server, and creating my own NFO files for them. These are all in a folder/directory labels 'family'.

I have added the 'family' directory to my favorites, and then added this item as a home menu item (transparency skin).

My problem per ser is that I am forced to navigate and launch the various, mpeg, avi files to play each home movie.

Is it possibly to have your home movies play when you click on the title similar to the Movies and TVShows?
Menu item: Home video
Folder containing more folders of home videos?

you can press play on a folder/sub folder and XBMC will play the contents (if that helps)
Thanks, but that's not what I see happening. When I choose the sub-folder, it displays the files inside that folder, ie, the avi or other format, and the 'extra thumbs' folder. This is only when I set a folder as a favorite and add it the main menu.

If I go to the Movies menu, each item will when I choose, it not navigate the folder.
Pressing "p" on the subfolder doesn't play the contents of the folder?
pseudo7 Wrote:Pressing "p" on the subfolder doesn't play the contents of the folder?

Or the Play button on the remote?

Clicking on the folder with the mouse or pressing Enter on the keyboard or OK on the remote will indeed display the contents of the folder.