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Full Version: (Eden) Hide Watched In Library But Not In Files?
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In xbmc 10, I could have the library mode for video (Movies / Tv Shows) hide watched, but when I did non-library mode (Files), it would show them all.
Is there a way to do that with 11?
It looks like Files is also in library mode (if I hide watched in one it is in the other).
Files and Library should behave the same, but they're basically navigable views rather than a toggle. If you navigate to Videos->Files you should always be able to see everything.
I'm not experiencing that.
If I set Hide Watched in Videos->Movies and then go to Videos->Files, it still hides watched.
I'm currently using beta 3, but it was the same in beta 2.
This too me way too long to test myself. Yep, seems to happen, and doesn't feel right. Will mention this to the Team.
So looks like this is intentional after all. Thinking more about it, it makes sense since file view now can show metadata and be an "advanced library view". Watch status will have to be toggled on/off for full listings.
Is there any way to set these toggles in (and I'm guessing here) the Home.xml? i.e. lock it so that when you click videos it toggles off and when you click TV shows or Movies it toggles on?