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Full Version: Video playslist problem
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I have a problem with music videos and playslist.
I've downloaded a lot of videos that have no official video so when scraper tries to search for info it won't find anything so the video is not marked as VideoClip.

The problem came when I created a Smartplaylist for music videos, a lot of them where not added since they where not tagged as music videos.
When I add one of this videos as a Add video to queue it appears on the queue and it becames as a playlist

The question is, is there a way to add videos manually to any kind of playlist?
It will be very annoying to be re-tagging all my videos again.
I'm working on Dharma version of XBMC

Sounds like a job for .nfo files!

Create a text document with the same title as the music video, but with a file extension of .nfo

Then fill it out like shown here:


Save this file along side the music video