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Full Version: Playing music via UPnP - help needed
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Not a plugin issue ... but I need some help and this topic area may be productive.

I have a UPnP server - if I add this as a Music file source - then the server returns Albums, Artists, etc.

If I select Artists, then a list of artists is shown.

However, selecting Albums never completes - the working message displays, and effectively xbmc is locked up.

I raised this as a bug - but only got critical complaints and no help.

Could somebody with a UPnP server try this procedure and tell me if I have a local problem or whether UPnP sharing is 'broken'?

Thanks for any help.
I ran into this issue as well. I am running XBMC on a G-Box Midnight, Android. Music is stored on a QNAP 419 NAS. Even installed the latest Frodo build. Essentially same behavior, never completes if specifiying connection as UPNP. Also - very important for novice users like me: Do not turn on "Update library on start" before your initial scan, or it will result in a continuous cycle of rebooting if your library scan using UPNP does not complete / hangs, and you have to hard reboot to get out of it. Being a complete NOOB to setting up XBMC, I left it in Library Mode and selected "Update on start" before I started my first scan source via UPNP. I had to re-install XBMC to get out of the "bootup > scan > blow up > reboot" cycle ocurring every 30 seconds. That seems like a bug though, there should be some cach logic that shuts off the "update on start" feature if there is a problem with library / music app crash / XBMC crash.

I switched to using SMB by browsing to the windows-emulated share on the QNAP, no problem. Also tried NFS, no problem, but not as fast as SMB. My LAN is all gig-E, hardwired, so not a connectivity issue. Everything is peachy now. BTW UPNP kinda sucks anyway as a protocol so I'm not concerned.

BE SURE you are NOT in "Library Mode" when doing your initial scan. Also turn off "download information on update" on first scan, turn that back on later, will speed up your initial scan.
BTW the G-Box Midnight is pretty slick, especially now that I have loaded the streamlined firmware that boots directly into XBMC. sweet.