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Full Version: Audio issues when playing any video
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Ok so I have an older dell SX270 that I am using as a htpc running ubuntu 10.04 and xbmc live and I did a reinstall yesterday so i could start over fresh because when I got the computer it already had xubuntu and xbmc installed and i wanted to learn more about both so i redid the entire system.

I got everything working except for the fact when I start playing any files it tells me that it cannot initialize the audio device, but the menu sounds work fine so i don't get it.

Any suggestions on this?

I am running analog audio out to my receiver.
Ok update, It seems to work except for certain files, I think its Xvid and X264 files, But I need to double check on that.

I still don't understand how to get my Debug log from ubuntu.....I don't have any GUI for linux installed only the base ubuntu and then XBMC. any help getting that and I can post it up.

Thanks for the help.
try this link
have a look at "Configuring default soundcards / stopping multiple soundcards from switching"
Im assuming that every thing in xbmc is setup correctly Wink