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Full Version: Ubuntu Won't Mount Hard Drive
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My roommate and I have the same collection of movies on separate external hard drives. Whenever this collection of movies is on either of the hard drives the hard drives will not mount on XBMClive or Ubuntu 11.10. I get the following error on Ubuntu.

[I know printscreen, but this was a friends laptop, so I just took a quick pic. Sorry for being annoying]

What's frustrating is that they mount fine on Windows, with no error messages. I have ran "Error-checking" under tools within the drive properties on Windows. I also defragged it, just because. If the collection of movies is not on one of the hard drives, they will mount to Ubuntu just fine. Any ideas?
In many cases windows mounts "fs-error-hardrives", without giving you messages like u get under ubuntu or friends ;-)

I can remember that i had such an "error" time ago. And my experience with such problems is like follows:
If a linux-system is telling you "there is or may be a problem", in most of the cases ( i guess +90% ) there defenitly IS a problem.

So I made a backup of the specific hardrive, checked it with some tools, recreated the partition and filesystem and restored the data.

Safety first!! I dont wanne imagine the pain of loosing TBs of importent data, wich happens to me twice with some GBs Sad
I appreciate the reply, the problem is I've formatted and fixed my drive before. At that point it mounted fine. But as soon as I moved all the files back on it would no longer mount again.