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Full Version: Eden: Folders/Files have year in parentheses; truncated filename
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I've got a problem with the formatting in Eden. I have a bunch of folders like this:

MTV - 1982 - December 24th with Nina Blackwood
MTV - 1982 - December with Alan Hunter

but they're written like this in XBMCbuntu Eden beta 3:

MTV (1982)
MTV (1982)

Obviously, this makes it hard to distinguish anything from the same year given my naming convention. Is there any way to disable this?
Wait for RC1, or, search the forums.
Nevermind, figured it out. Turning off "Replace file names with library titles" under System > Video > File Lists gave me the full names. It does seem odd though since I don't use the Library functionality and they aren't official titles for movies. Oh well Smile
This started happening with Archer, I'll fix it tonight. Thanks for the tip.