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Full Version: ALSA HDMi stuck for 4 Seconds on login screen
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Hello at all

I have a strange error here.

To make the sound working for HDMI on an zotac HD-ID41 I have to create a file /etc/modprobe.d/sound.conf with content:

options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=0 probe_mask=0xffff,0xfff2

This works fine, but now when booting, my Zotac will stuck 4-5 seconds on the ubuntu login screen and then autologin.

Sound works perfect then.

Removing this file sound on HDMI does not work, but login is fast, no stuck.
Can anyone help me with this issue.

Install is a fresh ubuntu minimal + xbmc-live, xbmc 10.1

Thanks and CU Online