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Full Version: Acer Revo R3700 - XBMC Eden beta 3
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Been stuck for the last 5hrs setting up a new Revo R3700 with XBMC.
I've tried version 10 and Eden beta 1 but the wifi didn't work.
The new beta 3 version works great but there is no sound through HDMI.
Tried every variation of the setting in the settings-system-audio output menu, but still no joy.
I've tried setting the 'Audio output device' to Custom with 'plughw:1,3'
'Passthrough output device' - 'Custom'
Custom passthrough device' - 'plughw:1,3' but still no sound.
I'am beginning to loose the will.
Any hints much appreciated.
alsamixer -c0 or alsamixer -c1

unmute the spdif.
Many thanks that did the trick.