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Full Version: HTPC and Openelec
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I have a newb question about my HTPC and Openelec. I recently ditched my ATV2 for an HTPC which was already set up running Openelec. My previous ATV setup had my files on my desktop PC streaming via Windows Vista SMB. Im not a networking genius, but it was working.

My new setup streaming files in the same way will not play. They were recognized and scanned in on the HTPC, however, I receive an error message that playback failed. The files will play when hooked up to the HTPC via a thumb drive though.

*Edit* I have videos playing now. Apparently I was supposed to tick a the box to "Use folder names" when I scanned the movies in. does not make any sense because I don't have my movies in individual folders.

On to the second part of my question now-The movie takes about 20-30 seconds to start playing?

I will post my HTPC components shortly, and I do not currently know my version of Openelec.

Thanks in advance for any help!