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Full Version: Add "Favorite" key to keyboard
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So this will probably be a super simple question/answer. I'm not home with my XBMC to tinker, but when I do get home I'm going to go through my massive movie/tv show collection and want to mark favorites. That way I can just categorize them as such and search through my favorites if I feel like watching something older.

Is there a way to just add a single keystroke to mark something as a favorite? I need to do this in Movies/TV Shows/Addons (Rom Collection Browser - in specific).

I really appreciate it. Currently I have the Neon Skin installed, but am switching to Confluence when I get home due to a technical difficulty with RCB.

I searched the wiki/forums for an answer and didn't have much luck.
Playing around with the settings in the Confluence skin I wasn't able to find out how to do it. I just want to add the "F" key to mark an item as a favorite, if that clears it up at all. Thanks for the help!
I'm not certain on this, but just from looking through the wiki, I could not find a way to map a key to marking things as favorites.
Yeah, I found the guide on keyboard.xml. But I don't see anyway to toggle favorites. Shame.