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Full Version: Problems with subtitles
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I recently started working on my HTPC and have come across a problem with some subtitles. When I download subtitles through the XBMC addon it works just fine, but there is just one problem with that: It's not automated!

I found out about this little application that automatically checks for subtitles from bierdopje.com and downloads them. It downloads them just perfectly and matches them to the episodes, but when I play one of those episodes in xbmc it shows the whole subtitle in the first few seconds of playing the video.

When I play them with VLC it's just fine.

I also noticed the subtitles downloaded through the app contain alot of spaces when posted in CODE tags which do not actually show when I just view them with notepad.

help, anyone? pretty please?

upgrading to eden beta 3 seemed to have fixed it for me, wonderfull!