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Full Version: Bug? Exporting music with more than one artist
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I think I've found a bug in the export of music library.

When exporting the music library to separate files, albums that have more than one artist are exported wrongly, as XBMC is not exporting artist.nfo, fanart.jpg and folder.jpg for all of the artists. Sometimes even the wrong info is being exported.

Long description:

My library is organized as this:

Album artist\Album (year)\track # - artist - title.flac / mp3

I have several albums with more than one album artist, which XBMC has correctly identified using <itemseparator> & </itemseparator> in advancedsettings.xml.

The different artists are presented in the library with their own description, fanart and icon, but when exporting the library to separate files, not the right files are created.


The album "Johnson & U$O - We Got The Anlæg Going Åndsvag (2010)" is scanned into the database, and the two artists are correctly identified. I've manually added fanart and icon for both artists. When browsing the library, I see the right artists, with the right descriptions, fanart and icons, and related to the right album(s).

When exporting the library, XBMC creates the following files:

in \Johnson & U$O

artist.nfo - with a size of 1,5mb containing 130 different artists including U$O
folder.jpg - with the icon related to U$O

in \
artist.nfo - describing Johnson - this is the right one
folder.jpg - the icon related to Johnson
fanart.jpg - a seemingly random fanart not even related to music