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Full Version: Thinking of moving from Plex to XBMC
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So I don't know much about XBMC, I know alot about Plex. I'm thinking of possibly moving over to XBMC on my Mac Mini but only if XBMC is better. I know some opinions will be biased or one sided but I would like to hear from you guys as to why you think XBMC is better than plex?

Also, plex has the Plex Media Server it allows for me to easily add or update my library in the Plex Client. Does XBMC have this type of app on mac? If not what are my alternatives?
XBMC is better.
The best thing, as I'm sure you know, is to try for yourself and use that to decide on what works best for you.

XBMC does not have a "server" option per-se, so if you have multiple clients it's not as easy to nicely share things across them (i.e. it's possible, but involves hackery). I believe there is an addon for XBMC that allows you to run XBMC as a client while still using PMS. Not as nice as XBMC's library, but it's another option for you to explore.

If you have a single client, then there's no point having a separate server - XBMC manages it's own libraries just fine directly from the client.


They probably shouldn't have abbreviated plex media server, I'm sure a lot of people don't like PMS Oo