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Full Version: ssh to xbmc 11 eden live?
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How can I ssh to Eden beta3 live (not installed, just run from iso)?
Usual user/pass xbmc/xbmc is not accepted.
Have you tried no password, xbmc should be u/n? I'm not sure as I haven't tried it without installation. I'm assuming you're getting a login prompt.
Yes, the login prompt is fine, just asking for a password.
I tried empty password too, no success.
You created a user & pwd when you installed.
I am talking about not-installed version, as in the initial post...
you have to first reset the password for ssh to work, if I remember correctly I made it work this way.
Good luck
That would obviously do the trick Smile but this is not good - it requires attaching a keyboard first, which I wanted to avoid using only remote access.

Anyway, that answers my question - no more ssh access by default, pity.