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Full Version: New User needing assistance
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Greetings fellow media nerds!

I have just gotten started with XBMC running on an AppleTV1 with CrystalHD from STM labs.
My intention with this system is to play movies from my library of DVD and BluRay Discs, which I am ripping and storing on a Drobo FS. Ideally I would like to also do *any* video related HTPC stuff through this system, which I can get into later. Right now I am having a problem with the XBMC reading *ANY* SMB on my network - it was working initially, and I've played multiple movie files off the drobo. But now I can't connect to any SMB at all, even though the XBMC is still connected to the network and can access other devices through other protocols, such as afp, or update from the internet.

This is my virginal Linux/XBMC experience, so I'm confident that I screwed something up without meaning to or even noticing. But I can't figure out what it might be. I've tried removing the previous shares I had setup with the intention of "refinding" them, but no joy. Anything I try to do via SMB goes nowhere.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
after a few reboots and retries, I have gotten deeper into the drobo, being able to see the three shares I have setup in there, but I still can't access them.
update- after several more tries, I pushed my way in. Very strange - is this sort of brute force methodology what I have to expect with this system? It won't kill me but I would prefer knowing I had done something wrong! Smile
I'm not sure what the issue is here, but I can tell you that is not the norm. I have 3 ATVs that all source my content on my nix server over SMB with ease.

I'm sure someone here has had the issue and will be able to help you out. If you don't get anywhere here, and have confirmed that the issue only exists on the ATV, you may want to post in the STM Labs Forums which Sam responds to directly. Just remember he's super busy with RaspBMC and the CrystalHD beta 3 build so it may be a minute before you get a response. Wink
Thanks, Techlife -
I'm so green I didn't even know Sam had a forum!

While I'm sure I'll have lots more questions, I promise to do what I can to figure things out on my own and use the archives to avoid being a nuisance. But it's good to know there's a community out there.
Excellent. That's all we can ask for. But when you get stuck (as you are here), please feel free to ask away. There is a great community both here and on Sam's forum.

Good luck with everything and welcome to XBMC.