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Full Version: DVDR .img and .iso wont play_XBMC 11.3 beta
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Im using kubuntu or ubuntu, I do not exactly remember wich one of em.
Anyway. I have this problem that DVD movies that I rip with AnyDVD HD to .iso wont work. No playback in XBMC. If Im lucky I get to the monu of the movie, select my language and then... it crashes back to "select movie" screen (scroll list u know). I have also seen that all movies are displayed as 2.00 GB instead of for example 3,2 GB and so on.

Serached this forum and got a resualt from back in 2007, but as I saw it that was just about low memory, wich should not be the case here!
( All MKV 1080p 8 GB + working fine )

Anyone have Any idiea how to get this working?Oo