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Full Version: XBMC Intro Movie
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I picked up After Effects the other day and I am beginning to learn the program. No better way to learn then by creating an intro movie for XBMC. I will use this thread to post videos for anyone to use.

I'm sure there is no "Right" way to use the videos so I'm just going to suggest two methods. One is a beginner method and the other is for advanced users only.

Easy Method: Using XBMC-Intro Addon:
If your skin supports it, you can use the XBMC Intro Movie addon by Frost.
Currently only a few skins support this addon. As far as I know its limited to Glass, Aeon-Nox, Neon and Breeze. I'm not going to test every skin. If you need to know if this addon will work for you then please ask in the appropriate thread.

  • Easy to configure
  • Comes with intro videos pre installed
  • Ability to define a custom location for intro videos
  • Option to dissable the Default, Static XBMC splash screen

Advanced Method: Modding a skin
Use Advancedsettings.xml to turn off the default XBMC splash screen.

Add the following to your skins's home.xml
<onload condition="Window.Previous(startup)">XBMC.PlayMedia(special://skin/introMovie.mov)</onload>
*note* I have no idea what the effect of this would be if you all ready use the playlist on xbmc start so don't complain because I'm warning you now.Laugh

*edit*Ronnie has suggested putting this line of code in startup.xml as an alternative. Do whichever works best for you.*edit*

  • Should work with any skin

Now for my custom Intro Videos....

Intro Movie 1: XBMC Logo Wipe in / Shatter

Download (Right Click > Save As)

Intro Movie 2: XMBC Logo Energy Wipe

Download (Right Click > Save As)
That's cool, man. Nicely done!
Pretty sweet Cool
Agree, that's sweet...
Looking forward to more video clips...

How about some sound?
zag2me Wrote:How about some sound?

Can't please them all.Laugh

Good sound effects don't come cheap. I used to use soundsnap.com but they moved to a pay only model. Anyone know where I can find good sound effects?
Nice, but I never see the splash screen - OpenELEC is too quick.
Andrew Kramer and the folks over at VideoCoPilot.net have some excellent AE add-ons and a wide variety of tutorials on using After Effects and the wide range of plug-ins available. I'm pretty sure at one point I downloaded some stock audio clips from their site, but I don't know if anything like that is still available or not.

Nice work on the intro movie ... look forward to additional samples!
I want it :-)

EDIT: I got it :-)
Hitcher Wrote:Nice, but I never see the splash screen - OpenELEC is too quick.

actually openelec remove the xbmc splash screen in code last I looked
Want to add this to my ATV2 running confluence skin.
Where can I find the home.xml to edit?

Looked in - /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/addons
but skin.confluence is not in there. Sad

Nevermind. Found it stashed @
WOW, this is amazing.

Jezz_X Wrote:actually openelec remove the xbmc splash screen in code last I looked

no its not removed, but completly reworked (the vga= "hack" should not be needed anymore)
microcrackle Wrote:WOW, this is amazing.

Glad everyone likes it!

Hopefully I will have some time in the next few days to work on some more. I'll post them in the first thread so keep an eye out.Cool

I turned off the splash screen through advancedsettings.xml (that worked)

and I put that line in home.xml of T!

I placed the mov in the main addon folder of T! (under the user folder, addons and skin.transparency)

I get no video Huh

Is there a specific spot where that line has to go in T!'s home.xml? (I put it right underneath <controls> )

or is the video supposed to be in a different location?

Btw, I am using 11b2 with T! on win 7

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