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Full Version: XBMC Intro Movie
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Got this working but want to make my own intro with sounds. Had a look at Vipid but not really keen on any there, have 2 ideas in mind and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction, think I need to use AE but not sure and never used it.

Either want to do a variant of the AMC Ident, as its close in letters and has good shows, or just due to how iconic it is the HBO one with sound.

AMC Ident

HBO Ident

Any point in the right direction would be great.
I really like this but I don't like how it shows my player controls when the movie plays.. Using Aeon MQ4
i'm using aeon nox 4.0.9, the intro will play but after the aeon nox intro, anyone knwo how to fix that?
Love the video, XBMC - Mediacenter Startup Intro Video.mp4 but Hate with a capital H the player controls and GIANT video thumbnail. The Giant thumbnail and controls are just too distracting during startup. If anyone has found a work-around please let me know. Thanks!
I got this working, but there's a slight glitch. My video doesn't play as a full screen splash. The main menu screen loads and then the intro video plays in a small box in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Anyone else know what causes this or how to fix it? I'm using a 1280x720 MP4 intro file (copied and pasted from the Add-On). I'm also running Night-Eden skin on XBMC 11 Eden, and the add-on doesn't work so I'm having to do it manually. My resolution is also running at 1360x768, not standard 1280x720 (not sure if that makes a difference).

Here is my setup:

1) intro01.mp4 file located in the root of my Night-Eden skin directory.

2) Added this line to the startup.xml in the 720p folder of my skin: <onload>PlayMedia(special://skin/intro01.mp4)</onload>

3) Set value "false" in advanced xml for splash screen

Any thoughts?
(2013-02-04, 00:56)blu5 Wrote: [ -> ]

Awesome Intro...
But, can it be possible to remove (frodo) and instead.. leave XBMC Home Entertainment or something similar?
Thanks Bud..
Great Job.
Keep them coming.
A new Line intro


and a


Make you own at Ballyweg
Hey Peeps!

Just wondering if anyone is having the same issue as me, I'm using Aeon Nox as my XBMC skin, I also have XBMC Intro Movie add-on installed.

My Problem is that the pre-installed intro movies work just fine, however if I define a custom location for my own intro movie it does not play?


Looks like the file I was using for my intro was corrupt, found this out after some more testing!
Hello Everyone,

I use Frodo 12.2 and Aeon MQ 5 Skin.
Use the Addon for Intro movie, have a path to where the intro is.
Save setting for . Advancesettings.xml

If I opstrart splash screen is gone but not see movie.
Does the intro movie or on Frodo 12.2.

Can someone else to tell me step by step how to get it working.


I had an idea: it seems there are a bunch of us who have gotten it to work on skins that don't support the Intro Movie add-on, meaning we can't use said add-on to load a random movie.
What if we go about it differently. Example: Instead of loading a video clip, can we have it load a batch file or something that could tell it to load a random video clip?
I might not have worded that exactly as it could possibly work, but hopefully someone good at such things will get the idea and clean it up.
And thanks for all the info being provided. Personally mine didn't work in Startup.xml, but did work in Home.xml.
XBMC 13 Gotham (Nightly 11/3) / Aeon MQ 5 (w/Extrapack).
I just spent a few minutes working through the problem of the OSD not being able to be turned off when launching an intro video using the Startup.xml

Basically, you use the <onfocus></onfocus> condition to enable the OSD Action when the XBMC window comes into focus on the system. Since the video launches the OSD when booting up, the two calls effectively cancel one another out an, VOILA, the OSD is no longer present.

This is for a Windows machine with the Intro.mp4 residing in the default userdata folder. You will have to change this to whatever your path and filename for the intro movie are for your application. Enjoy!

    <onload>PlayMedia("C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\userdata\Intro.mp4")</onload>
    <defaultcontrol always="true">10</defaultcontrol>
        <control type="button" id="10">
            <animation effect="fade" delay="1000" end="100">Focus</animation>
I have the XBMC Intro Movie addon installed on Ouya device.
I have it configured to disable the default xbmchub splash screen, this works.
Enabling the intromovie and specifying a location does not however result in an intro movie.
Can this work using an Ouya and how might I go about it ?
Seems not working (frodo 12.3) on Aeon MQ 5. If anyone has an workaround, let me know.
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