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Full Version: New version for XBMC 11
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I've been trying to use other skins while using the betas and now the fist RC of XBMC 11 but I always (within a day) falls back to Ellipsis. There just isn't any skin out there that beats Ellipsis when it comes to slick layout and the "noise" free experience.

When I visit this sub-forum I see that there is very little activity. Do anyone know if there is a plan to release a new version of Ellipsis for the upcoming XBMC 11?

Best regards,
+1 ... just updated today to XBMC 11, immediately went to download Ellipsis and well, just not happy with what I'm using in the interim.
It's coming, just struggling to find time to put on it at the moment. Im about to purchase a new dedicated mini pc for XBMC, once I do this. I'll be using XBMC more regularly and be in a better position to finish off the todo list, obviously top of that list is getting Ellipsis XBMC 11.0 ready.
This is really great news Blackbolt Smile I`m looking forward to you getting a mini pc so you will get to reap more fruits of your elegant and excellent skin. My setup with Ellipsis on XBMC and a 60" flat screen is the envy of most of my friends Wink

Even when it`s somewhat broken, since I use RC2, I just can`t stay very long with any other skin Smile
This skin is definitely the most striking skin!

It just oozes coolness!! Cant wait when its finished for Eden!
Hi! I made a russian translation of Ellipsis, is it possible to add it to svn?
I can't wait ether! That's the best XMBC skin.
same here ..maybe Wink
well is this dead or what?
Well it might not be dead, but as zappa said it "smells funny"

A shame, but people have lives at the end of the day.
It's not dead, it's more on ice. As Gary above said, real life gets in the way. I worked for almost 1 and a half years every day on MC360 with a small team. It took that long to get it right, that was a lot of free time spent crafting it. It took from December 2005 until June 2006 to get the first beta out and then we didn't release the 1.0 until Feb 2007. With ellipsis myself and one other worked for a whole year to build it. We had less free time but more determination as ellipsis was our own creation and not a clone of existing property.

All is not lost though, the very reason I am her right now is because I'm putting together a small team to finish Ellipsis to 1.3 as promised. Bringing all the promised features and updating compatibility with the latest XBMC.

Below I've got the screenshot from my iPad of the list I've been building of what to tackle:


As you can see, we have a plan. It takes a lot of time to do things properly. We're not in the habit of releasing buggy fucked up skins like a lot of people do, we take our time to craft perfection. Another point to make that isn't in the plan, we built Ellipsis for 720p, I do intend to modify this to 1080p if it's possible. The skin will hopefully be a 1080p native, silky smooth, optimised beauty when it's released to 1.3. We'll of course be releasing incremental updates as we go 1.2.x etc until we're ready. It's not empty promises. We really do want to finish this skin, because I cannot start the next one till I am satisfied we did our very best with ellipsis, I designed this thing in 2006, it needs to be finished properly!
You may or may not know this is the best skin released for XBMC. What makes it important is *true* simplicity which means my entire family can enjoy the system.

And *style*, the understanding of what to leave out is where a whole lotta skins go wrong and they have a lot to learn from this one.

I hope you guys find the time to get it done.
I really like this skin.
Would be cool to see how it is developed.
hows the work goin on this , cant wait , keep it up
(2012-11-07, 17:44)hentai23 Wrote: [ -> ]hows the work goin on this , cant wait , keep it up

It's coming along slow but steady. I appreciate everyone's patience but this isn't the same operation it was a few years ago were there were a few of us staying up till 3 or 4am every night working on it and up again for work at 7am. It's all but a solo effort now and time is short and I don't have the energy I used to, so late nights are like Kryptonite! But Ellipsis 1.3 will come out and it will be awesome. Just don't ask when, this isn't a race! Smile
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