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Full Version: flashsportstreams down
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hi people ive noticed that my flashsportstreams is down on my atv2..
is there an eta on a fix for this addon please..
This is a known issue. Check out the relevant information either on that site or in the XBMC Hub forums, link in sig below.
ok i checked flashsportstreams site and it reads as follows..

Xbmc Problem and Solution Page

As many will see today, after our latest stream server upgrades, XMBC Plugin no longer works.

You have got 2 options:

1. Wait for the xbmc team to create a new plugin, which should be coming out shortly.

2. Use a new system created and maintained by flashsportstreams until the new plugin is available.

Instructions for apple tv

so ill have to wait i guess dammit it would happen on a saturday dam..
erm since the update vip links arnt working .when i click on a vip match on the schedule the log in box pops up but no stream.any one else noticed this thanks
Direct your questions on that forum. The devs are on that site.