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Full Version: NBA International League Pass - Add-on
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Hi ILP user here. Using Standard XBMC 12 release. I grabbed the latest update for the addon. But only condensed games work, can't get full archived games to work.

Any ideas of where to start?

Love this by the way, had it in the past. Saves me a trip out of XBMC to the browser on my HTPC, logging into the site with a keyboard and mouse....

Live would be perfect, but not too worried. Games are usually 10am live in my timezone, so i'm at work :d
Full archive stopped working for me too. A few days ago they worked, i think a change in the URL format for the stream. Using 12.2 stable and newest Plugin.

EDIT: Back working .. was maybe a problem on the league pass site ...

Strange. mine still isn't working however i noticed 2012-2013 archived games work.

Will keep fiddling.
scratch that its working perfect!

Always got my browser for Live games if no live miracle can be worked,
Are the games working for you guys atm?

Condensed Games work, but the archived one don't.
Just watched Bulls and Clippers. No Problem at all Smile
Yeah, it started working after the MIA-CHI game got fixed at the ILP website.
Works great for archive and condensed games - seems you have to wait a few hours after the game has ended otherwise you get a URL error. Anyone working on getting it to work with live games??
You're correct about that first part. Seems like the games start working righter after the ILP crew finishes editing and cutting the games. Smile
(2013-10-30, 10:41)Pillendreher Wrote: [ -> ]Are the games working for you guys atm?

Condensed Games work, but the archived one don't.

They dont work until the archived game has been edited down for breaks for me. so maybe 24hrs after?

Any chance of getting the home/away announcer choice via two videos? Not sure if it's a url thing or what?
the plug in works on gotham alpha9? it says broken and i cant install it ,
with frodo i only get highlights

any other plug in that we can watch nba full games? no need for lives
ptsampoukas, Thanks for your tweaking with the plugin!

I have a buffering problem with XBMC Media Center 12.2 and I need to constantly wait buffering.

I did some research with the plugin and it seems that when using ".mp4" instead of ".mp4.m3u8" makes large buffer (I press o-letter, and I see cache grow). This would be feasible solution for me but I get only Condenced games work this way. I cannot get Archive games to work with ".mp4".

Does anyone have any ideas for solutions to this buffering problem?

http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...ideo_cache Changing advancedsettings.xml did not seem to have any effect on buffering issue.
Let me get this straight i need a valid subscription for games to work right?
When i for example click on archived games, it just says are you logged in, and i am with right username and password.
i updated the plugin to try and guess the url when the xml request for video links fails (it also checks if the video exists and shows a notification if the video is not available, so no more silent fails Smile
This means that the videos should be visible immediately when you see them on the list (with the old version, for me only a few videos worked immediately, the others only worked after 1 or 2 days).

You can download it here, it should overwrite the plugin by pstampoukas.

Give it a try and give me some feedback Smile

(i've had some issues with 1200k bitrate quality, if it doesn't work try using a lower or higher bitrate/video height)
Is the http lib2 link working? Because nothibg happens when installing the zip file