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Full Version: NBA International League Pass - Add-on
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(2017-10-10, 02:22)trungnhut Wrote: [ -> ]Hi!

I'm click Start from Begining but the video game play in Live game. I watching preseason with league pass internation. Browser can start from Beginning but Kodi add-on not play. Please help me fix

I'm also having this issue.
I know work is happening on this. Curious if anyone is currently able to use it right now? 

I'd be happy to help if there is an issue that is blocking this. Not sure where to start given I can't tell from the logs what exactly is wrong.
NBA Update New Player, Not play game in add-ons. Please update add-ons.
Yeah they've updated the player in web browsers and now it won't open games in the Add-On.

so do i just put my email in username? or do i have to have a username?

You use your emailadres as your username
EXCEPTION: XBMC is not playing any file
04:03:10 T:5788 ERROR: Previous line repeats 14 times.
04:03:10 T:5788 WARNING: Attempt to use invalid handle 3
04:03:10 T:3860 WARNING: XFILE::CFileFactory::CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(plugin) in plugin://plugin.video.nba/?game_state=1&name=Full+game&url=&start_time=1508284800000&video_id=0021700001&video_type=live&mode=playgame&duration=14584000
04:03:10 T:3860 ERROR: XFILE::CFileCache::Open - failed to open source <plugin://plugin.video.nba/?game_state=1&name=Full+game&url=&start_time=1508284800000&video_id=0021700001&video_type=live&mode=playgame&duration=14584000>
04:03:10 T:3860 ERROR: InputStream: Error opening, plugin://plugin.video.nba/?game_state=1&name=Full+game&url=&start_time=1508284800000&video_id=0021700001&video_type=live&mode=play
same error on Jarvis Sad
yeap it seems that nba has updated their player and the plugin generates the errors posted above by dwane3.

lets hope there is a fix for this.

This is a great plugin
Came here to say the same.

Yesterday I also got tons of errors, but it eventually worked and played both games. Today it seems there's no luck and I continue to get the same errors.

Thank you to the developers for their work on this add-on.
For me it's like this:

Games from the previous day and earlier work fine (f.e. Rockets vs. Kings). The games from the last night don't play (f.e. Knicks vs. Thunder).
Is there an addon for U.S. League Pass?
Having similar issues to the guys above. Won't play any games for the last couple of days. Worked for the first day or two of the regular season and worked all pre season.
I'm using a Nvidia shield with Kodi 17.4 on and get the nba league pass error, nothing loads or works, last year this was working perfectly and was my go to app!

Any ideas what I can do?
Seems like a similar problem to the one that occurred last season - the NBA changed something on their end and it broke this add-on. Thankfully the devs resolved the issue quickly last year (thanks again!!!).

On another note I just noticed that there is a "start from beginning/go live" prompt on live games now. Thanks for adding this.

On another side note the NBA app on my android tv is giving me issues - so nothing's perfect.

In addition to all the usual troubleshooting, this year the add on had required me to log with my email in the username section. Previously it would accept just my username so be sure to check that when everything back up and running.