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Full Version: [MOD] New DialogFullScreenInfo.xml file
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Just found out this really nice skin for Eden. My only personal downside was the info screen that was popping in the middle of the screen while watching a movie or TV episodes. I prefer when they are located at the bottom or at the "ceiling".

So, I modified the file DialogFullScreenInfo.xml, so that it would behave as I like. I've also added one important information that I always look at "Remaining time".

Feel free to suggest improvements!

Also, how can I post a modded skin? So far, this is a small mod, though rather important for me. edit - So far, I've put a zip file here : https://code.google.com/p/simplicity-xbmc-mod/

List of modifications
  • Info screen at the bottom
  • Media codec flagging image are now situated vertically at the right side
  • Remaining time is now highlighted and bigger to see
  • The height of the infoscreen is reduced by ~20%

Here's some screens depicting the Info screen when playing a movie and an episodes :



Congratulations for this dialogfullscreen info.

In your opinion there is a way to put two more things like:

the cast of the movie like in the trasparency skink

and a sort of icon, like the one of the codec you added in the right side, to inform that the movie has more than one langauge


Could you provide a screenshot? Beacause when I use transparency, I don't see the cast for the movie, only the title, time, codec and the poster thumb.
I have the screeenshot But i don't know how i can post it
Upload it to imageshack.us or flickr.com.
Very nice work Balinus. I'm using this and love it.