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Full Version: [RELEASE] Sickbeard XBMC - Control Sickbeard from XBMC
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This XBMC plugin will allow you to control Sickbeard from within XBMC. It allows you to view your show list, add new shows, set the status of season/episodes, view upcoming episodes and view recent download history.
  • To add a show navigate to "Manage Shows" then bring up the context menu and select "Add Show"
  • To change the status of a show navigate to "Manage Shows" then choose a show and season, then bring up the context menu and select "Set Episode Status" or "Set Season Status".

It has been tested on XBMC Eden (11.0) RC 1 and 2 on Windows and ATV2.

Download the repo from: http://code.google.com/p/sickbeard-xbmc/downloads


In Sickbeard: Under the General settings page in the Sickbeard web interface make sure you have the API enabled and an API key has been generated. This plugin uses the Sickbeard API to do all the communication with Sickbeard.

Note: You need a version of sickbeard from after 7 december 2011 (for me 491 or higher) because the API, on which this addon depends, was added at that time.

After upgrading:
- Go to General in Setting
- Enable the API
- Generate an API key and have settings

Be sure to clear the cache of your browser if you are unable to generate an API key.

In Sickbeard XBMC plugin: After you install this plugin, go to the plugin settings. You must enter the IP and port of your Sickbeard installation. If Sickbeard requires a username and password you must also enter those in the settings.




Add Show

Set Status

Version 1.0.10:
- Updated xbmc.python in addon(s).xml from 2.0 to 2.1.0 for Gotham support.
Version 1.0.9:
- Added SSL support.
Version 1.0.8:
- Added Delete Show functionality. Will prompt before deleting.
- Fixed issue with refreshing show items.
Version 1.0.7:
- Added Manual Search functionality for episodes.
- Added Force Search and change pause state functionality to the Manage Shows menu.
- Added support for custom Sickbeard URL.
- Improved error messages. (Now displays errors for missing or incorrect IP/port. Incorrect username/password and API key not enabled.)
- Misc. changes.
Version 1.0.2:
- Added support for show names that contain special characters.
Version 1.0.1:
- Now includes support for password protected Sickbeard installations.
Version 1.0.0:
- Initial release.

Please post in this thread for any support or feature requests (or comments). This is my first attempt at a plugin for XBMC so there may be issues!

Cool, I'll take a look after work.
I really need this to work with a password protected Sickbeard.
ICDeadPpl Wrote:I really need this to work with a password protected Sickbeard.

Maniaczm, you can have a look here how I solved it for SABnzbd
Thanks Popeye, looks like a fairly simple addition.

ICDeadPpl, I will work on implementing password protection later today. I have been working on this for a while now and decided to release it without this feature so I can start getting feedback.
Now I have extra incentive to finally get around to installing Sick Beard!
Thanks for your hard work!
Awesome! Sickbeard is probably up there for me alongside SABNZBD and XBMC as software I couldn't live without these days!

Great work integrating it for easy adding etc
Thanks jaydash & redknight!

I agree with you on these being must have applications. That's one of the main reasons I started development on this project. I am also doing some research on CouchPotato to see if it can be managed from XBMC as well. It would be great to have SABNZB+, Sickbeard and CouchPotato all controlled from XBMC. Now that I am getting the hang of XBMC development I think CouchPotato would be a fairly easy plugin to create...
Is this only to view? Or will adding a show actually add it to monitor a folder and add the season folder too?

I have to have my sickbeard.console cmd prompt window always opened (minimized) and it just seems archaic.
crimsonfury Wrote:Is this only to view? Or will adding a show actually add it to monitor a folder and add the season folder too?

I have to have my sickbeard.console cmd prompt window always opened (minimized) and it just seems archaic.

Adding a show from this plugin will step you through the process of adding a show just like the Sickbeard web interface will. It will bring up a search dialog and will return results from the TVDB. Once you select the correct show it will ask the for a download location, if you wish to use season folders, and what the initial status of episodes should be.

You cannot add new settings yet (such as a new save location) but will present you with the options you have already configured in Sickbeard.
OhMYGawd! I love XBMC!

I can't wait to get fully migrated over! Why did I wait so long to come back!

I had xbmc back when it was mainly just for xbox's and I have used MediaBrowser for WMC for over 2 years now and wanted something simpler and yet had more to offer...
I just updated Sickbeard XBMC to version 1.0.1 which now includes an option to add a username and password in the settings (Thanks again Popeye!). I ran some quick tests and it seems to be working with or without a password protected Sickbeard installation. Let me know if there are any issues that are caused by this change. Thanks!
First of all thanks for this great plugin, now the not so nice part, I ran into a script error. When I want to manage my shows it errors out with some unicode failure. (I can browse History/Upcoming though)

Log: http://pastebin.com/NnCWPGuj

Another thing, I guess you're not using the sickbeard API for calls, at least it didn't ask for my API key, wouldn't it be easier and more future proof to use that?
omg i love you .. you already made a webapp that i can't live w/o and now this Big Grin cant wait to give this a try this weekend.
it says that i need to check user name and password and i dont have one
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