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Full Version: Import Music Library using mySQL
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Hi all,

After being too busy for some time I've finally got around to installing eden and migrating my library over to it.

My existing setup is running Dharma 10.1 using mySQL on a WHS box and the new setup is running Eden RC2 on an unRAID box.

I have exported my video and music library on the WHS server to a single xml file. Using notepad++ I changed all instances of the old server IP to the new server IP for both the video and music library exports.

mySQL is up and running on the unRAID box and I have been able to successfully import the video library from the old setup. However I have not been able to import the music library. The system looks like it is doign some sort of import but the screen flashes though the library items very quickly and they are not getting written to the database (the video library import did take some time).

I've tried dropping the MyMusic18 database and reimporting but this is not working. Using Heidi SQL I can look at the mySQL DB and see the the Mymusic18 db is being created on starting XBMC but it is not getting populated. Its only 22kB in size.

I've seen a few posts here with similar issues but no resolutions other than scan the library again rather than use the import.

Debug log from an import here
Extract from the music library export here

By the way - Eden looks great. Thanks to all.
For music you must rescan as XBMC gets the information from your music files. You may disable the scraping portion (settings->music->library) though, as you can then import that information from your XML export.
Cheers Jonathon, That makes sense. I was hoping to avoid the tag scrape as well. I'll add something to the wiki to explain this a bit better.
mysql database is not being populated with my music and movies.