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Full Version: File Location Info.
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Hi there,

I have several external disks with a nice movie colection. I´ve always had some dificulty keeping track in all the information. I thought it might be possible to solve that with the xbmc but i have a problem. My xbmc library dont´t allow me to include any info regarding the movie external disk location. I have my external disks numbered and it would be nice to include the external disk number on the respective movie information page. Does any on have this problem? Is there any other way to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

Are you saying the drive is not connected all the time?

You might try looking at this: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...edia_stubs
Yes that´s what i mean. Lets say that i have 10 external disks ( in fact i have more) numbered from 1 to 10. I dont have them connected all the time to my XBMC.
If i whant to see one movie, witch is now listed on the XBMC Library, and i am not shure in what external disk he is, it would be fine to have that information on the movie file info.

Is there a way to include that info?

Thanks again,

I think the stubs will do it. You will have to create a stub for each movie noting the external disk you want to use and the dialogue when clicking on movie within XBMC will tell you which disk to attach. It would be a lot of work though. It would be a bit simpler to consolidate your external drives into a couple of large drives and use a NAS of some description (although this does cost money)