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Full Version: Esprimo Q1510 - Windows or Linux?!
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Hi there Community,

At the moment I'm using an normal PC as my HTPC with Windows 7 and XBMC Dharma on it. It works quite fine. My mediafiles are located on a NAS. Now have to move and the new livingroom is much smaller than now. I got to rid of the normal PC.
A friend of mine doesnt need his Fujitsu Esprimo Q1510 anymore. So I can use it.
It is equiped like this:

CPU and Grafik: Intel Celeron P4500 / Intel HD
HDD: 100GB SATA 7200

Which Operating System should i choose?
I want to watch Movies with 1080 & 720p from my NAS Server? Should i use Windows 7 or Ubuntu or even XBMCLive?
Could you suggest me your solution?